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The Classics, spoken in African American English.

Simply. Awesome.

My friend shared this with me on Facebook and I just fell in love with the entire concept!  This guy is comedian Greg Edwards and he tells the Classics and some not so classics in African American English with a little bit of slang and cursing every now and then.  First he summarizes, then he gives his own analysis.  I think this concept is brilliant.

I got this explanation from Thug Notes’ Wikipedia page:

Explaining the usage of African American Vernacular English within the series, Edwards stated, “but the truth is, the gift of literature is universal in meaning and should be made accessible to everyone on every plane. So, ‘Thug Notes’ is my way of trivializing academia’s attempt at making literature exclusionary by showing that even high-brow academic concepts can be communicated in a clear and open fashion.”[8] The style used by Edwards’ character was a result of “frustration with the world of academia”

It’s all about communication y’all!

Here’s a clip of To Kill a Mockingbird:


Ugh, so not only do public schools start teaching a foreign language “too” late, but I think we’ve really done a disservice to our students by making them think that English is the “better” language and that there is only one right way to speak it.  Maybe we’ll get to a place in our educational practices and policies where we can recognize and value the home languages and dialects our children ALREADY bring with them to school, versus making them feel ashamed that they don’t come speaking “correctly.”

This article talks about the United States’ lack of fluency in multiple languages and one idea for a solution.

What do you think the solution is?

flashcards for learning new language

French; Learning New Language with Handwritten Flash Cards. Translation; Apple


Newsflash, autism is not just a “White people” thing.

Black children with autism is a topic that needs to be discussed.  Time and time again many Black children have been misdiagnosed within the medical community and likewise the special educational system, be this with a communication disorder, with ADHD, or with an intellectual impairment.  Accurate diagnosis is key.  Read this article to learn more about the misdiagnosis of Black children who have autism (or if you are of the neurodiversity movement, Black autistic children).


Autism colored block

The word AUTISM written in vintage wood letterpress type






Hawaiian Pidgin English is now recognized as a language according to the U.S. Census Bureau.

Hawaiian signsIt’s about time we learn to de-stigmatize the different ways we speak, Hawaii’s a great place to start.

And hey, if it can happen in Hawaii, maybe it can happen on the mainland??




Imagine if your iPhone (or Galaxy, or Android, or whatever it is you call your mama on) actually was able to respond to your *dialect?? What!?

More specifically, African American English

So, of course if you already speak the mainstream dialect then your relationship with Siri has probably been juuuuust fine.

Or not.

But, yes it’s true, new technology is trying to make it work so that if someone asks, “How da weather dis mornin’?” Siri won’t translate it as “How do I edit this morning?” 

All I gotta say is it’s about time.

Read all about it here.