International Mother Language Day

International Mother Language Day

Children paint pictures for International Mother Language Day from

For those who don’t know, basically, this is a day, celebrated throughout different countries around the world, that honors language diversity.

I need the United States to start this movement too.

When children’s mother languages and mother dialects are not validated in the educational system, this not only leads to poor academic outcomes (which is not about a child’s intelligence, but about cultural bias), but it also leads to a stripping of the child’s cultural identity.

Let’s find a better way to honor our mothers.

Read these articles about International Mother Language Day:

From Guyana:

“We ignore the native languages of our people. When the majority of the better paying jobs require a language other than your own and when the school is telling you directly and indirectly, that your language is backward and won’t get you anywhere, you are likely to begin to distance yourself from your language and those who speak it.”

This issue mirrors the language and dialect issues we have here in the United States.

From Lahore:

“…the relationship of language and culture go hand by hand. Mother language is an asset to us as it represents a special culture, melody, and colours of life.”

From US Embassy Dhaka:

“Language is an important tool  for the history and culture of any community. The protection and care of languages is needed,” he said, adding that this will also help indigenous children learn how to read and write in their own languages.